QOTW - a bit late ;)

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QOTW - a bit late ;)
Tue, 08-30-2005 - 8:30am

How much do you think

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Tue, 08-30-2005 - 8:27pm

I'm not sure how much I spend a month. I do have quite a yarn stash, though. Whatever I spend is completely a justifiable cost. It's my entertainment and it's good for the soul so, hey, what the heck. (My husband and I are very much homebodies; we don't drink or party or belong to any country clubs. We're REALLY boring :) )

I do buy yarn and cross stitch items if I like them and have them poked away. You never know. I also like to have a few projects on the go at the same time. Whenever I've had enough of one, I'll check out my stash and see what else I can do and I go back and forth. ( I have the attention span of a two year old LOL)


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Wed, 08-31-2005 - 12:16am

I know I spend more than I should - because I have so MUCH yarn! But if I fall in love with a fiber - I buy it. The bad part is that I usually only buy enough to make a scarf or hat - I have way too many scarves. After all I live in Texas!! I can only use them three days out of the year. I am pretty good at keeping it all put away though, my DH has NO idea how much yarn I have. I finally am trying to learn to knit socks - so we shall see...


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Wed, 08-31-2005 - 7:41am

It seems like I spend alot of time talking about my crafts/hobbies and not alot of time actually doing them. It also seems like, whenever I have a little spare money, I spend it on something for the kids or something for my craft/hobby.



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Wed, 08-31-2005 - 10:10am

Hmmmm...I don't buy a ton of yarn. I have a tendency to only buy yarn when I have a specific project. I don't like having to store yarn and I don't like clutter. I know, I have a very type A personality.


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Wed, 08-31-2005 - 7:18pm

I generally only buy the yarn I need for a specific project. If I have leftover that's great, I have some from scarves I did last year, but not sure what I"ll do with the remaining skeins.

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Thu, 09-01-2005 - 7:48am
I will pretty much only buy yarn for a specific project. I am buying some addi natura needles though because my wrists have been bothering me, but I am buying them little by little because they are expensive. I found a place online that sells them with no shipping charges. There is not one yarn shop in my area that sells these needles and it's frustrating! As for wether or not I can justify all of my knitting purchases-YOU BETCHA! It's MUCH, MUCH cheaper than therapy. :)
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Thu, 09-01-2005 - 8:46am

"It's MUCH, MUCH cheaper than therapy. :)"

I agree, 100% ;)

I'm an impulse yarn buyer, if I see a yarn that I love, I'll buy a few skeins of it and then decide what I'm going to make.

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