**HAPPY DANCE** Back home w/power!

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**HAPPY DANCE** Back home w/power!
Mon, 09-05-2005 - 8:02pm

We got power back on yesterday so we're back home.We got most of it cleaned up yesterday (the fridge and freezer) but dh has been a DEAR and has done most of the laundry.Had to take Zachary to the walk in clinic yesterday and they didn't take our insurance and we had to pay like $107 up front.....he won't take the medicine so we ended up at the e/r this morning for a shot....they still want us to get the meds down him...I've tried hiding it in ice cream,birthday cake,etc and he won't take it.I even put a BIG HUNK OF CHOCOLATE in the middle of the medicine spoon and he wouldn't take it....GIVE ME A BREAK,CHILD AND TAKE THE MEDICINE,PLEEZE!!!! it really doesn't taste bad ( I tried it LOL)...Gas is still in limited supplies but it's getting better....Most of the city has power now except for a few people here and there....a few counties to the south of us just got first supplies of ice over the weekend....We were very lucky....THANKS SO MUCH FOR ALL THE SUPPORT,PRAYERS,and OFFERS OF HELP....You guys will NEVER know how good it makes me feel to have friends like you......I'm on the verge of a breakdown I can feel it ..I can't get in touch with any of my drs to get a refill of my xanax LOL.....all the drs offices shut and the drs were helping out at the ERs around town (with all the evacuees that are in our area)......So things are slowly getting back to normal...we have power,water,limited satellite and internet comes and goes LOL.....so I'll pop in as I can....The main thing I need now is sleep and to get back into a normal routine (whatever that is huh?? )....For those of you who asked how they could help me and my neighbors.....the MISSISSIPPI RED CROSS......whatever you can give.....I rounded up all the old blankets we had in the house and dropped them off at the center yesterday....I gave my barbie doll collection and some books and stuffed toys for the children so they could have some happy things to play with....I have 3 garbage bags of clothes I'm going to drop off sometime next week.....That made me feel really good knowing the dollies that were collecting dust in my closet would go to some girls who needed them.....feel those tears coming again....dh needs on the puter too.....so I'll close for now......((HUGS)) to everyone for the sweet posts and for caring about us.....it means more than you'll know.....love all you girlies....

I know we were blessed here.....Things are a helluva lot worse farther down south from us and in Louisiana.....Please don't think I'm venting or putting myself above anyone.What few problems we've had is NOTHING in compare to what some other people are facing---it breaks my heart to hear some of the stories on TV....We might be able to claim the food losses we have on our home owner's insurance....just gotta get that lovely paperwork done LOL.....Thanks for lending an ear for my "katrina adventures".

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Tue, 09-06-2005 - 8:44am
What an experience you've gone through...and you'll never forget it!

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Thu, 09-08-2005 - 8:23am
I am so glad to hear that you are ok. It stinks trying to get little ones to take meds, doesn't it? You sound like you're holding up pretty well considering what you've been through. I will be thinking of you and your family. Pam
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Sat, 09-10-2005 - 12:40am

It's so good to hear that you and others are starting to get back to normal. It has to start somewhere and it'll spread.

You rock girl! Hang in there.

(((hugs))) Kat

~Kat, kittyprints4