Hi, avid knitter/crocheter.

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Hi, avid knitter/crocheter.
Sat, 09-17-2005 - 1:58pm

Hi, Heather came by the Jan EC and invited us to check you out, so here I am!


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Sat, 09-17-2005 - 2:45pm

Hi Jenifer!

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Sat, 09-17-2005 - 7:49pm

Hi and Welcome! I love to knit although I don't much chance to do so. I, too have a problem wtih guage. I guess that explains why I stick with many square or rectangular items and very few garments!

I just bought a book to help me learn. I have been knitting for several years and still have completed very few projects. I am working on a drop stich wrap right now and I'd love to have it finished by the weekend. We are going away next weekend and I'd like to have it done by then!



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Mon, 09-19-2005 - 11:32am

Welcome to the board!!! It sounds like you do a lot of crocheting. If you have time we'd love to see pictures of your finished projects!!!

Hope to see you lots!


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Tue, 09-20-2005 - 10:12pm
Hi and welcome to the board! I haven't been around much lately because I have been pretty busy, but I hope to get a chance to stop by more often when things settle down. :) Pam