Took up crochet when computer died

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Took up crochet when computer died
Wed, 09-21-2005 - 10:53am
Hi again, I'm Trish. I've been here before but briefly. I had previous attempts to teach me to crochet as a child by my impatient sharp tongued grandmother, and then again as an adult with 2 kind ladies in the layette room at Navy Marine Corps Relief Society. However, until I got the mental clutter swept out, my yarn tension was awful and I could never really get the hang of it all. Then when my computer died this past April, I found some yard stashed away and decided to try again. After what seemed like a thousand attempts, I finally got a scarf made for my 3 yo dd. I got ahold of some more yarn and decided to make a blanket for mom to keep her legs warm in the hospital. It turned out to be a lapghan, but thats ok. In the end she never got to use it, but dad has it on the back of the rocking chair in the living room. I made a belt for my 3 yo because her pants were too big and we didn't have a belt that small for her. Then the other day, I made a little purse for her and she absolutely adores it. DH was impressed too. I have attempted many other things, but without a simple enough pattern or a crochet buddy next door to coach me....I have unravelled my other things I tried. Now that after 5 months of no computer, I am finally back online...I hope to come here and find some easier stuff to try than the freebie patterns I'm finding at the craft stores. My thought is....crochet stuff for Christmas gifts and call it even. My boys have picked up a yen for yarn too...but mean ole mom keeps repossessing their yarn to keep the fidgets at bay. lol. Since it's a new habit, I haven't acquired the stash of yarn that some of the seasoned veterans may have on hand. Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and say hi... I'll check back in again soon, because I think I have found something to keep me busy when I can't sit in front of a glowing box with a keyboard ;) I eventually want to learn how to knit, but I think that may have to wait.

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Wed, 09-21-2005 - 11:58am


Welcome back to the board. I'm glad your computer is back on-line. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have a computer for 5 months!!!

This board is a great resource for patterns. Just let us know what you are trying to make and there are search whizzes on this board that will help you find it on-line. There are also a lot of crochet and knitting experts that can help you with any stitches you have problems with.

Have fun!!!


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Wed, 09-21-2005 - 12:27pm


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Thu, 09-22-2005 - 1:38am
Glad to see there is another ADHD person around!! I crocheted for years and then took up knitting. I hadn't done yarn works in YEARS!! Then, I quit smoking and HAD to do SOMETHING!! So I have been knitting (no crocheting yet, but I am sure I will again). I have only been at it a month, and have made several dishcloths, a prayer shawl and a capelet for my daughter. I also learned how to make socks!! I made some cute little red baby ones and am working on a pair for my DD (13yrs). I am currently doing a ripple afghan and want to make a couple of purses and a lapghan with a pocket for the feet! Good luck on your yarnwork!! I hope to see you lots around here!
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Thu, 09-22-2005 - 5:13pm
GOOD FOR YOU....there are lots of books out there for beginners with easy patterns....I taught myself earlier this year and am addicted to it LOL....((HUGS))