Any catalogs with samples here in US?

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Any catalogs with samples here in US?
Tue, 09-27-2005 - 11:26am


I am originally from Europe and love knitting. We often used to buy wool from different catalogs which had small samples of the yarn on the edge of some thick insert pages - so you could touch it and feel the texture.

I tried to search online but can't find anything like this here in US. Could anybody give me a hint if there is actually something like this here?

I am pregnant right now, and the yarn in places like Wal-Mart or local fabric store just don't seem soft like the baby yarn I had for my first-born, which my parents bought in Europe...


Martina in MN

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Wed, 09-28-2005 - 12:54pm

Sorry, I wish I could help. I usually end up buying most of my yarns at the local craft store. They are beginning to get a little more exotic as far as yarns go. I have a needlework store right down the street (practically) from my house, but I rarely go there because I find her prices to be a little high. She does get alot of out of the coutry yarns though. I think she gets some beautiful wool from New Zealand.