Anyone Around This Weekend?

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Anyone Around This Weekend?
Sat, 10-01-2005 - 11:38am

Who's around?

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Sun, 10-02-2005 - 1:21am

Hi everyone.

Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well, Heather. Hope you get better quickly.

I'm sort of around. lol. I always check the board, but I don't always have time to 'check in' My weekends are always so busy mostly driving kids around. (Kristy is dancing 16 hours a week this year so it really is alot of driving back and forth. Just to clarify, this is her choice. I've tried to talk her out of dancing so much, but she truly is passionate about it. To have such a passion at that age is amazing to me.)

My Dad is in town visiting us this weekend. It's always so nice to see him. We're not doing anything exciting, just visiting.

WIP's: Still working on an afghan for my Granny. I'm getting a little tired of it so I think I'll start a hat or something and go back and forth.

That's all for me! Have a good rest of the weekend everyone.


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Sun, 10-02-2005 - 1:54am

I spent most of the day with grandma. She wanted to go to an auction at a church. We were there from 9am till 5pm. It was really a lot of fun. Of course, I thought so because I brought my knitting and made two cell phone totes/purses for my daughter. I just sat there and practiced different stitches and made the purse/bags. It was great!! I learned how to do double sided knitting, i-cords, and perfected that dratted linen stitch (which I now love).