just checking in....again

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just checking in....again
Fri, 11-04-2005 - 10:57pm
Where is the yawn icon when you need it. I know part of my problem is the late nite staying online. I think that is the main problem actually. There is a lot of stimulus in my house, and I have a very hard time unwinding. Unless the pattern is familiar to me, or so rediculously simple that I don't need both functioning brain cells working simultaneously, I can't do much. I keep my yarn bag in the van JUST in case I get a yen...but I've been so busy and tired that I just can't concentrate on what I'm doing. Which really sucks because I sooo want to make that coozie for dh. I guess I better get my rest and watch a video tomorrow? By any chance is there one on crocheting in the round? Otherwise he's getting a microversion of the babysitter's purse....not sure how i'll work it, but I'll figure something out (and unravel it, and rework it then unravel and rework it again lol)

Got the "Not tonight, honey" blues?

Catch me hanging out in the

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Fri, 11-04-2005 - 11:56pm

I have never seen a video.

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Sat, 11-05-2005 - 7:53am


You could try making something like this pattern, its a pencil caddy thing to go over a can to hold your pencils in...but it would be the same shape as a beer cozie:


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