Opinions wanted on scarf I'm making...

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Opinions wanted on scarf I'm making...
Mon, 11-14-2005 - 8:25pm

Lately I've been recycling yarns from old projects of mine and my mother's. I typically make scarves for people I love and I rarely have to buy any yarn to complete the projects. I think they are beautiful and they're really special to me. Well, I decided to hold off on the stocking idea for my SO, and chose to make him one of my scarves instead (we are long distance, he lives in Texas and I'm in the Chicago area) that he can wear when he visits me in a couple of weeks. I've been working and working on this scarf, using all beautiful neutrals that I have collected over the years. Several olive greens, a charcoal, two different subtly verigated browns, and three different ivories (one with a verigated stripe/fleck, another with neutral flecks and a solid).

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Tue, 11-15-2005 - 7:01am
I had felt the same way as your boss, but I have 2 men in my life, one is my dads cousin, (he's 70) and my husband. They both requested scarves from me this year. My husband decided to take me yarn shopping so he could be picking his yarn out for his scarf. He liked the job I did on that cousins scarf so well he requested 2.


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Tue, 11-15-2005 - 10:59am


It really depends on your BF...I know my husband wouldn't wear a stitch of pink at all, so if it was noticible he woudn't wear it.

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Tue, 11-15-2005 - 12:57pm

My hubby is a 6'2" 280 lb Texan.

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Tue, 11-15-2005 - 8:35pm
You put so much LOVE into making the scarf, I would give it to him. If he is bothered by the pink then he can tell you himself. I agree with pp if you didn't even notice it (and your the one making the scarf) I doubt he would. Maybe that was your co-workers way of giving you a hint that she wanted the scarf..lol
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