QOTW (12/5) Shopping

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QOTW (12/5) Shopping
Mon, 12-05-2005 - 3:43pm

Do you prefer buying your yarn / supplies from large chain stores, such as Micheals, or private shops?


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Mon, 12-05-2005 - 5:27pm

I usually buy from a chain store than a private shop. I bought from a private shop once, and felt it was way too expensive.


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Mon, 12-05-2005 - 5:46pm
I'm a newbie to this board, and knitting, but so far I have been buying my yarn and supplies at Michaels. This is really mainly because, since I'm so new to this, I just don't know of any private yarn shops in my area.
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Mon, 12-05-2005 - 7:30pm
usually go to "good ole" WalMart....
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Mon, 12-05-2005 - 9:43pm
For most projects I go to Jo-Ann's or Michaels, BUT there is a wonderful little yarn shop tucked away just outside of town that I like to purchase yarn from for my "special" projects that I don't mind spending a little extra on!

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Tue, 12-06-2005 - 1:21am
Hi Everyone!
Where I live, we have one wonderful yarn store that I love to go to. We do have one Walmart and one Zellers, but that's it for yarn. I confess, though, that I'm kind of a yarn snob. The quality of yarn is much better at the little yarn store. Also, I've seen so many small businesses in town go under because of Walmart. I would hate for the yarn store to close down. I believe it's my duty to make sure that never happens. lol.
When I'm out of town, though, if I see a Michael's....clear the path! (is that hypocritical???)
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Tue, 12-06-2005 - 7:29am
I am a yarn snob, so I always go to my LYS. I find that the quality is so much better. I also order from the internet. The Knitter.com is a great little store and she doesn't charge S&H. I am buying all of my Addi Naturas from her because nobody in my area sells them.
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Tue, 12-06-2005 - 12:11pm
Well, I tend to buy at JoAnn's because that is just the only shop around here, basically. I have heard there is a small shop downtown but I don't know exactly where and I hear it's VERY pricey imported mohairs, etc.... I'm not good enough a knitter to warrant that kind of yarn!

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Tue, 12-06-2005 - 7:00pm

I usually go to JoAnn's, Michaels or Walmart, but I am wanting ot try a private store sometime after christmas.

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Tue, 12-06-2005 - 9:50pm

It depends on the project.

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Wed, 12-07-2005 - 8:02am
I like to buy from both types of places.
The bigger chain stores usually have cheaper prices, but the local shops have a bigger selection of yarns and more specialty items.

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