Mother In Law Machine Knitting

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Mother In Law Machine Knitting
Tue, 01-03-2006 - 3:53pm
Hello everyone,
My mother in law is looking and using her knitting machine to knit custom items and have me sell them on the interenet through my website or other. I design custom appliance covers but do not know much about the market for knit items. Does anyone have any ideas what the going rates for some popular selling items might be. Or if anyone knows of somebody who needs somebody to knit for them that would be great also. My dh is determined she will make a killing with her stuff since I do but I am not sure sure, not that it isn't nice, its just that she would be having me sell it for her and I am not sure I know enough to tell her what is selling ect... Her husband way layed off last year and has not found employment yet so she is really searching for a way to make some money without having to leave her farm. It would be easier if she had interenet but they do not and won't get it. Please help or direct me to somebody who might know a little more. Thanks a lot in advance.
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Tue, 01-03-2006 - 5:43pm

I've sold a few crocheted things on ebay. You would have to do it for her since she doesn't have internet. You could browse on there and check out the prices things are going for even if you don't want to sell that way.

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Wed, 01-04-2006 - 1:28pm


I wish I could offer advice, but I have none :)

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