Thursday's Thought

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Thursday's Thought
Thu, 01-26-2006 - 12:05pm

Ok, this is a bit off the wall, but...


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Thu, 01-26-2006 - 12:43pm

Scarves...because they are a lot quicker than sweaters and blankets, they can be so many different colors and can have so many patterns, they are very useful, and very visible.

Although....if I knew how to knit that cute little bunny toy, I might choose toys. An army of bunnies, bears, elephants, and such.


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Thu, 01-26-2006 - 5:28pm

HMMMMM, this is a toughie.

It's a toss up between afghans and doilies.

I love making afghans, because I love the thought that something I've made is keeping someone warm.

On the other hand, I love making doilies. I love taking that thread and making something pretty and lacy, to jazz up the place.

I guess if I have to choose,

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Fri, 01-27-2006 - 12:02pm
I'd choose blankets b/c they work up easily enough and I can give them to folks who need them

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Fri, 01-27-2006 - 4:32pm

Definitely blankets, because they can be big for adults, small for babies, and you can make them odd shaped so they double up as a wrap.