looking for a crochet pattern

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looking for a crochet pattern
Tue, 02-07-2006 - 7:29am
for a toddler bathing suit or maybe the bottoms I am sure that I can figure out a top, also tips on which yarn would probably work best, my dd is 10.5 monthes.
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Tue, 02-07-2006 - 10:20am


The only thing I could find close was this soaker pattern:

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Tue, 02-07-2006 - 12:23pm
kristen & lily 3/19/05
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Tue, 02-07-2006 - 4:51pm

I know I have some, I just can't find them.

I'll keep looking and if I find them, I'll let you know.

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Mon, 02-20-2006 - 12:04pm

I realize you may have already found what you're looking for but I found this list of crochet patterns for the beach that might be helpful. http://home.inreach.com/marthac/beach.html

I couldn't open the archived ones but maybe you'll have better luck. HTH

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