Its been so quiet!

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Its been so quiet!
Thu, 03-02-2006 - 11:46am
Where is everyone?

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Sun, 03-05-2006 - 2:56pm

Things have just been a little harried around here.

Hurricane Ben left Tuesday morning, and it always takes me a few days to get my house back in order. Here it is, Saturday, and things are finally back to normal.

The only plans we had for the weekend, were to relax and finish this star baby blanket.

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Mon, 03-06-2006 - 12:04pm
Hi Everyone!
I know the weekend is over, but we just got back from the American Dance Awards. It's a dance competition that travels throughout the States and Canada. My youngest daughter was competing and came home with 2 golds and 4 high silvers. I'm very proud of her, she's put a lot of work into her dancing.
I got to see some of my knitting and crocheting on stage, too. Her hip hop group wore some skull hats that I crocheted, and for her jazz solo she wore the hot pink leg warmers with her costume. It was pretty cool to see.
A fun weekend but incredibly tiring.
That's all the news here.
-Karen :)