Advice please...

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Advice please...
Wed, 03-15-2006 - 8:09am

I'm on my third attempt to make my DD a Harry Potter scarf. I printed a pattern from the internet calling for 4ply yarn, size 7 16" circular needles. Well I had quite a bit done, about 1/4 of the scarf, and realized that it was way too bulky. DD agreed with me. So, I tore it out, switched to size 5 regular needles and started again. At present I am on the third stripe, but as you can guess, you can see the back and it looks messy. DD doesn't like it at all, so I'll tear that one out tonight.

What do you suggest I try next? I already have the 4ply yarn, but am considering a lighter weight yarn--what should I get? OR, I thought I might try the 4ply on a size 3 circular needle, do you think that would make the scarf less bulky?????

The poor kid, she turns 13 on Saturday and was hoping her scarf would be finished. I promised her that it would be ready in time for warm weather-hehehe--or for her `14th birthday. Of course by then she might not be into Harry Potter.

Thanks so much, I am looking forward to your replies.


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Wed, 03-15-2006 - 9:49am
I am not into knitting,, I


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Wed, 03-15-2006 - 9:57am

You could try smaller needles yet again, but this time to a swatch rather than starting the project again to see how bulky it looks.

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