Besides Yarn Art Projects....

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Besides Yarn Art Projects....
Thu, 03-30-2006 - 11:04am
What other WIPs do you have?

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Thu, 03-30-2006 - 11:10am

Ah, where to start LOL

This is my ever growing list of things that I need to get done soon:

  • sewing the curtains for the baby's nursery

  • recover the chair that is going in the nursery

  • Finish a few cards that need to get in the mail

  • I have only finished half of my Mexico trip scrapbook, and I want to make a scrapbook of our wedding and our recent vacation we took

  • I would love to get organized and decide what crafts (quilting / crocheting / knitting) I'm going to do this year for Christmas gifts

Who else is overwhelmed with projects?

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Thu, 03-30-2006 - 2:22pm

I would have to say that I have:

1. 3 xstitch projects that really need to be finished

2. 2 quilts that need to be finished

3. I need to make 4 mother's day gifts...all shawls



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Fri, 03-31-2006 - 7:03pm

I too am overwhelmed with projects but it's a good feeling! I love having something to do! Today I finished sewing two sun dresses that I listed on Ebay, I'm hoping they'll sell, if not, I'll try to consign them. Wish me luck! I also made a Barbie outfit today. That was fun! It fits the Barbie too. The pattern I have was my mom's from the 80's. I made a white blouse and a blue floral jumper that kind of looks like maternity...maybe that was the style back then, I really can't remember.

I've got a whole list in my mind of things I want to get done! I think I'm going to make pajamas for my nephew's birthday in June and I'm planning to make my soon to be 8yo a dress for her birthday. I also have a lot of quilting and crocheting projects on my list of to-do's.

My newest projects are posted to my photo page at:

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Mon, 04-03-2006 - 1:31pm

I have way too many WIPs and actually made a resolution to finish all crochet and knitting projects this year so that I can start fresh next year!

Other crafts: I am a quilter, but some would say I'm just a fabric hoarder.

Renovation: My needlework and quilting areas are changing this Summer. Hopefully, this will improve organization as well!

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Wed, 04-05-2006 - 9:20am

1. I've got scrapbooking to do that's just coming out my ears! I'm still scrapping stuff from 2004, and I just spent a week in Paris, so that'll be a book....and I want to do a little book for our first house, which we just sold and has meant a lot to us. (Talk about emotionally attached, LOL!)

2. I've got just over a month left of grad school....

3. ...and then we're closing on the house here on 6/15, DH took a job in DC & I'll be in Boston - we need to find a condo/townhouse for him and an apartment for me....

4. ...then we move....

5. ...and I start a new job!


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