I need a quick answer

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I need a quick answer
Thu, 11-13-2008 - 5:49pm

I'm about to finish DD's mittens, and it's going to be cold tomorrow morning, so she'll want to wear them. DH is quite certain she'll (absent minded, and never-before experienced with cold climates) lose them if I don't add a mitten string. If I make that a thing of beauty, it won't be ready tomorrow. Alternatives?

1). Send her out with the mittens and count on her liking them so much that she doesn't lose them

2). Send her out, but hope to recover the mittens and continue making the strap the way I want it

3). Do a quick chain stitch, and just tie it to the mittens, hoping that she's not going to be teased for needing a mitten string at age 10.

4). Keep the mittens until I've got some sort of beautiful, honest-it's-not-because-she'll-lose-them strap made. (It's not going to be THAT cold yet.)

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Fri, 11-14-2008 - 4:43pm
There is a pattern on Knitting PatternCentral