Gauge Change

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Gauge Change
Sat, 01-17-2009 - 8:49pm

So I'm over half way done with this blanket I'm making for my neice's birthday that just so happened to be yesterday.

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Fri, 01-30-2009 - 3:06am

What happens is the longer you knit, the more relaxed you become and the looser your gauge becomes. As you get more experience knitting, your gauge will stay constant because it won't be so tight at the beginning. You could always tink back to where your gauge was tighter or frog it and start over if it bothers you. Otherwise, I think telling her the story when she's a little older will make her appreciate the blanket even more and make it a keepsake to pass down.

The first afghan I made, I frogged the entire thing because it turned out to be wider at one end than the other. It happens to all of us at least once or twice.


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Fri, 02-06-2009 - 2:34am
I looked at your post because blanket i am knitting has a mistake in changing needles -2 nd row after border and so it looks wrong