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Mon, 03-12-2007 - 2:50pm
Welcome to Connect, iVillage's new social network.

Within the social network, you'll be able to create a profile that goes WAY beyond our current profiles. You can blog, upload photos, upload videos, create a network of friends and send messages to them. You can also create a group of your own -– for example, you could create a public group for your message board community, a semi-public group for your offline book club and a private group for your family. Wait until you see all the things you can do!

If you're just getting set up, visit the Connect FAQs for quick and easy instructions. Once you've run through the Setup Wizard, join the Tech Update group, with its how-to's and tips and tricks.

Are you new to HTML, or just in a hurry? Use these easy pre-defined layouts and styles. Next stop, discover more about Customizing Your Profile and Customizing Your Stuff. Plus, learn how to mix up the fonts and colors in your blog entries.

Have a little more time? We'll show you how to jazz up your profile, including simple instructions on adding boxes, sound, widgets and more. Try your hand at modifying this sample layout (or just use it as is).

If all this is new to you, or a bit overwhelming, why not visit Creating Websites and Graphics where the cls and regulars are skilled in the above techniques. They are hoping to have folder set up on their board to handle issues related to iVillage Connect, but it you can't wait, I'm sure the cls will be glad to field your questions in the "Sites & Graphics Help" folder.

P.S. Since today is the first day it's going LIVE and it's been in beta version prior, there are still some kinks they may be working out, and new things they are adding, etc. so if things don't seem right or aren't working, just report it here and I'll let you know if they've informed us of a fix.

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