Foot Massage

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Foot Massage
Sun, 08-08-2010 - 2:35pm

Foot Massage 

  1. Stand on your mat or carpeted surface with a tennis ball under the ball of one foot. 

  2. Gently press your body weight into the tennis ball. Slowly open and close your foot over the tennis ball, flaring your toes when you open them and squeezing like a fist when you close. 

  3. Repeat five times in one area, then move to a different part of the foot. Stop on any area that is tender, apply as much pressure as you can bear, and hold it for a few seconds. Continue until you have "rolled" every area of the foot. 

  4. When you are finished with one foot, stand with both feet on the floor and feel the difference between the two feet. 

  5. Repeat the massage techniques with your other foot