Do you have an election any time soon?

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Do you have an election any time soon?
Mon, 05-16-2005 - 2:40pm

We have primaries & local elections tomorrow. They include a referendum on whether to put in a library tax. It would only cost $25/year to a homeowner whose house is worth $100,000, & less for the rest of us poor slobs. LOL. But it probably won't get approved. :( There have been lots of letters to the editor saying, "I don't use the library. Why should I pay for it?" Pish! On that basis, people such as a guy I know who doesn't own a car, & who rides his bike eveywhere, shouldn't havee to pay road taxes. And they cost a lot more than $25/year! And as a columist said yesterday, whatever happened to the concept of the common good? Do you know if your area has a library tax? PA is one of the worst states for funding libraries (our governor made a big cut in funding last uear(), and our county is the 2nd worst in PA for funding libraries. As a regular library patron, this bothers me. Our library recently had to cut hours to meet budget. This has had an adverse affect on me, severly limiting the times that I can go there. :(

PA is also voting on whether to borrow $ for environmental cleanup.

Too bad such important issues will be decided by the less-than25% expected to vote. :(






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Mon, 05-16-2005 - 3:47pm

I didn't even know about that environmental ballot ? til the past few days - I always vote no matter what, even if most of the races are uncontested, which they are for my county

Our library cut hours & had to lay people off & not buy as many new books.

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Mon, 05-16-2005 - 3:58pm
Hi Katz,
They say anytime during spring, turnouts are the worse sadly.
Weather always plays a huge part in elections I think.

I applaud you for being so tuned in to what is going on in your area.
Wish I could say the same about me :::blush:::
Something I will check out though.
Thanks for asking .. always helps with great reminders like this :)

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Mon, 05-16-2005 - 4:24pm
Yeah, the naysayers are saying, "Let the people who use the library pay for it." Well, some of the people who use it do so b/c they can't afford books & can't afford a computer, let alone affording a house on which to pay taxes.





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Mon, 05-16-2005 - 8:33pm

I feel your pain. I live in a fairly large town in MA. We have two libraries. The main branch which is downtown and has parking issues and the branch that is near me, which is small but safer and nicer (in my opinion) to go to. The state offered the town $ in which to build a new bigger branch library near the one near me, guess what? My stupid town (which is a town meeting type government) voted against the stupid thing! Even with the grant we had (which we have now lost:(

UGH! the townies here had the same complaints, they don't use the library, why pay for a new one, the old one is fine enough, etc etc.

I hope you have better luck in PA. Goodluck!


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Thu, 05-19-2005 - 4:49pm
I will know within a few hours if there is going to be a federal election.
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