Is today your day?

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Is today your day?
Sun, 05-29-2005 - 12:02am
Good Morning  :)
So how's the weekend going so far?
Are you looking forward to anything special today or tonight?
Will you do something special for yourself?
Got any plans for a special someone?
Why not make today as special as you are :)



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Sun, 05-29-2005 - 9:40am

the garage sales were fun.i got some really good stuff.the one sale was by a lady that had opened a tea room/craft store.(it is now gone, out of business)
we spent $32 and goyt all this stuff
-a set of end tables.they have wrot iron legs and neat storage like boxes on the top $9 for the set.
-a big old file cabnet $5
-a wind vane .brand new.sticks in the ground and has a car on top.$10
-an angel wall fountain $3
-a big trunk, in good shape and painted up $5
at other sales we got
-an indoor grill for $10
-a glider chair $20
and a couple of other little things.
we didnt spend more than $70.
it was a lot of fun too.
today it is back to working on the house. i get to watch.
no special plans.i hope it will stop raining so that i can go and see the garden.
dh says a lot of stuff is up.i want to look at mt flowers as well.tonight is taco night.
my youngest will be home today. he was at a was a wierd night. he is always home

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Sun, 05-29-2005 - 10:32am
Hi Glenda,
Wow you did fabulous at the garage sales!
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