Setting goals .. do you?

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Setting goals .. do you?
Sun, 05-29-2005 - 12:02am
Do you like to set goals for yourself?
If so, do you write them down?
How many a day would you if you do/did?
Keep a *mental* list?
Accomplish any of them?
If you don't set any .. why not?

Let our *inquiring minds* know :)



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Sun, 05-29-2005 - 9:54am
i guess i set mental goals.things i nedd to do, things i want to do, ect.
i make aa lot of gifts and have dates to complete them by.
every day is different. some may be as simple as clean a room, strip beds.
the next day may be a shopping day. i have many lists i travel with.we live 2 hours away from the city i shop in so i try to find deals and get all of it while i am there.
as soom as i feel better i have some yard stuff i have to make. i draw my own plans and start cuting.i find it very rewarding.
as you know i love garage sale and auctions. i like to find what i can get for the least. i buy a lot for friends and fam too. they give me lists of what they need too. it is a lot of fun.i love meating those goals
i dont make goals on weight loss anymore. if i feel i have lost i am happy. i just watch what i eat.
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Sun, 05-29-2005 - 10:35am
Mental lists, goals are great Glenda,
As long as you can remeber them all
Sounds like you do accomplish a lot which is wonderful.
Those lists to the city I imagine would be very helpful
Lists, goals can be about anything .. just like you said.. doing anything & everything!
It is a good feeling when you've accomplished things on your lists & goals, isn't it?
As for your weight .. good on watching what you eat .. it helps.
Thanks so much for sharing what has worked for you :)

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