Making Mandalas and their history!

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Making Mandalas and their history!
Wed, 06-01-2005 - 7:43am

I had mentioned mandalas in my intro and a few of you wanted to know what it is so here's a link that you can browse....I have NO affiliation with this site, I just found it so you could get an idea of what I like to design and the history of mandalas.......maybe some of you draw them also??? They are fun and calming.....

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Wed, 06-01-2005 - 9:09am

Thanks for posting.

We make mandalas with the kids that I volunteer work with.
You are right it is calming.

They feed the creative mind.


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Wed, 06-01-2005 - 9:12am
Oh how fun Suzan,
I can see why they would be calming.
Thanks for sharing the link with us :)

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