A site where people confess a secret

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A site where people confess a secret
Tue, 06-07-2005 - 10:24pm

There was an article in Sunday's NY Daily News about this site where people mail in anonymously a secret they've never confessed to anyone on a handmade postcard & then it's posted online

Some of them are a bit silly but some are quite serious & emotional - I guess it's easier to unburden yourself to strangers than the people u know

these were just the ones shown in the paper:

"Sometimes I think my fiance doesn't love me"

"People think I've stopped lying...but I've just gotten better at it"

"I show pictures of my feet to a man online so he'll buy me stuff"

"I am so grateful to the psychiatrist I saw when I was 19, who told me I would be fine again.  He saved my life"


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Wed, 06-08-2005 - 12:03am
Wow that's pretty cool Susie,
Kind of sad though that some people feel the need to confess to a stranger.
What do you prefer to do?
confess a secret to a stranger or someone you know?
Just wondering
Thanks for the share :)

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Wed, 06-08-2005 - 9:22am

Our newspaper solicited anonymous secrets for an article recently. They only got like 5 replies, 2 from the same person. they were sort of interesting.

I wonder what it does for people to do this?






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Wed, 06-08-2005 - 10:15am

Thanks for sharing this.
I think you are right, it is easier for people to confess to people they don't know.
Look at the board...we talk about everything and we have never met and most likely never will face to face, yet sometimes it's so much easier to just be up front and honest with people you don't know.
...why is that? Kind of sad, huh?


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Wed, 06-08-2005 - 11:54am

I think it depends on the burden...somethings if told, could be hurtful to others.

I remember reading a therapy technique once where you wrote down your fear or secret on a piece of paper and then burn it. Never tried it, but I often write a letter to person that has upset me, but never send it...therapuetic.


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Wed, 06-08-2005 - 12:38pm

Very true.
Once when I went to my mom's grave I wrote her a letter and burn it.

as you said....Therapuetic.


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Wed, 06-08-2005 - 2:03pm

Writing a letter & not sending it is just like writing in a journal - expressing your feelings to get them out w/o anyone else's eyes seeing it

I guess these people feel the need to tell someone what they're doing & are too afraid to tell people they know whether it'll hurt others or maybe they'll feel ashamed or bad