Got a question

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Got a question
Wed, 06-15-2005 - 9:17am

I am new to ivillage message boards.... where does everyone get the cool signature lines??? How can I find out out many posts I posted to a group??? I want to have pretty posts too.


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Wed, 06-15-2005 - 10:06am
I THINK you have to have a paid membership to get all that stuff. See the box on our main page that says "How can I see up to 20 posts," etc.? Click there & it tells you about the 3 levels of membership. I'm not sure you need the paid membership to do sigs, though. Do you know html? I'm sure that shortly, somebody who knows more about puters will come along & tell you more. Personally, I think the best feature is being able to see 20 posts at a time. I wouldn't like to have to go back to viewing 1 at a time. :-P





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Wed, 06-15-2005 - 10:24am

Hi Jennifer,
After you have posted 50 times the number will show up under your avatar.
In order to have colors, fun fonts & more you need to sign up for the Express Yourself package.
Here is more information on it.,msb,iv,el,mbclink,rb,0

It really allows for faster times on the board as you can then read more than one message at a time.
So between here & F & H .. you would be zipping through, LOL
Let me know if you have any more questions :)

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