i told you guys a while ago.....

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i told you guys a while ago.....
Tue, 07-12-2005 - 9:55am

about the neibour i cant stand down the alley. i also told you what a big mouth she has and what she has done to us.

well i never thought about this before , because you always just see it on tv.well she is a bigger nut that what i thought before.

she had kidnapped her grandson. she took him from his mother and father, because she thinks she is a better parent.the mother, my son tells me, stood in the street screeming and crying.she tried to pry the screeming child from the womans arms.she even bit her trying to get the kid back.so the woman, her mom in law charged her with assult.

she could not have kids of her own and has been a foster parent.from what i understand this is how she got her girls.lying about thier parents as she fostered them.

i feel so sorry for her son and dil.i am writing a letter for them for court, hopefully it will discredit her enough that they can get thier son back.

thought it only happened on tv


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Tue, 07-12-2005 - 11:00am

Oh Glenda,

That is just horrible, how could that be allowed to happen, can't she also press kidnapping charges or call the police and tell them what she did.

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Tue, 07-12-2005 - 11:12am
How sad to hear all this Glenda,
Do whatever it is you can do to be helpful.
Good luck :)

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