Female Orgasm

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Female Orgasm
Tue, 04-01-2003 - 8:34pm
Hello all I am new here at ivillage. I should ask my question I am 20 Years old and I know thats young but I have been maried since I was 16 and have been sexually active since I was 15. My problem Is I have never been able to have an Orgasm while having intercouse or when orally stimulated. I mean I enjoy these and wish I could but it nevr happens the only way I have been able to achive an Orgasm is by me stimulating my self?? Any one have any advice??? Help!!!!
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Wed, 04-02-2003 - 9:43am
Try posting your situation here for advice:

Ask the Sex Coach




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Thu, 04-03-2003 - 3:17pm
Hello, I'm new to this board too, and I am also 20 something. I have a friend who can not have an orgasm while having sex with a guy too. She found that she could have an orgasm with a vibrator though. So her and her boyfriend have a blast "playing" with it. So my suggestion would be to try that. :) It's worth a try, you two could have a blast and if it doesn't make you have an orgasm you two still had a great time together.