Single with no children, feel left out!

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Registered: 04-02-2003
Single with no children, feel left out!
Wed, 04-02-2003 - 4:03pm
I am a SWF, age 37, never been married, don't have children and don't want children. I have been in many abusive relationships and working on me with a wonderful support group I go to for ABUSED WOMEN.

I feel like a black sheep in society cause women treat me like "dirt" cause I am not married with children. Especially down here in Florida where young women in their teens are "popping" out kids left and right and don't want to do anything with their lives.

I can never make friends cause everyone all has to take care of their kids and husbands. Their is more to life then "being" a slave and I like being FREE and do what I want. Why can't women or Society except my choice in life not to be married and tied down with children?

Would appreciate anyone who feels the same way I do and e-mail me at