child with developmental delays

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child with developmental delays
Sun, 04-06-2003 - 9:21am
my daughter turned 2 feb 1. she was born at 32 weeks. she does not make good eye contact and never really has. she is very delayed in everything. she tests at a 4to5month level for speech and other things.she is just now walking around the house. she plays independently but not usually with any purpose. she doesnt communicate except with grunts noises arm flapping and crying usually i dont know what she wants unless i have food and she comes up to me. she does sometimes show love when you pick her up she will give a great big hug. she has asthma, had surgery for crossed eyes. there are also many other facts to our story. if anyone has a child with similar issues i would love to hear from you.
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Sun, 04-06-2003 - 11:54am

We have the following board you can visit and get some great support from others that have children experiencing developmental delays:

Developmental Delays

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Tue, 04-08-2003 - 2:18pm
Hi! I have 2 year old twins that have speech delays and problems with little or no eye contact. They were recently diagonsed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. They are enrolled in our state's Early Childhood Intervention Program. Have you checked to see if there is a program in your area that does developmental evaluations? Our state's is free of charge and they come to our house to work with the boys. Any child can be evaluated. Good luck and feel free to ask my any questions you might have.