food allergies during pregnancy

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food allergies during pregnancy
Wed, 04-16-2003 - 7:37pm
Hello all moms out there. This is my dilema. This is my second pregnancy and my first experience with a strange food allergy. I am allergic to fresh grapes and tomatoes and cherries and strawberries. Fruits are my favorite foods I have been sucessful with watermelon and apples and oranges. This is only since this pregnancy started noticed 1st at week 7. Any one else ever had this? Thanks, mommy310
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Wed, 04-16-2003 - 11:07pm
Hi mommy310,

You can try any of the pregnancy boards (or find the month that you are due and speak with others that are due that same month!) and see if anyone else has experienced the allergies you are~

This is a complete list of the mommy-boards-,,262916_438836,00.html

(I became lactose intolerant during my first pregnancy, but it ended pretty much after I had the baby :o)

Hope this helps and welcome to iVillage!!


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Fri, 01-02-2004 - 4:37pm

Questions about nuts! I have heard from a few people that if you eat a lot of nuts or peanutbutter during pregnancy it could increase your unborn childs rish of a nut allergy???

anyone ever heard this?