Can't seem to get a response on boards

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Can't seem to get a response on boards
Tue, 04-22-2003 - 10:59am
Since these boards changed, it seems no one answers posts. Before at least a CL would answer a post to at least say whether or not they could help you or direct you somewhere else. I'm very disappointed in ivillage and don't think I'll be staying a member much longer.

I will try again with this question though, is there a board for support/questions for people on disability who get Medicaid? I've been to the support board for those waiting to collect and they are very cold over there I think since I was approved except for CL-Philly the only one who was nice and I was approved and now need support regarding the Medicaid issue. Is there any such board on ivillage?

Not expecting an answer but trying one last time....

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Tue, 04-22-2003 - 11:23am

I apologize if your question didn't get answered before. I have searched back through the archives and can't find anything about this in previous posts. (it's possible I am just overlooking it!)

We do not have a board specifically for those on disability receiving Medicaid. This is what I did find:

Medicare and Medicaid information at iVillage,,230639,00.html

I hope this helps :)



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Tue, 04-22-2003 - 2:34pm
Hello, this is the first time I have seen your question on this board. To my knowledge there is not a board solely for support for those on medicaid, but I am sure that you could find others who are on medicaid on the Welfare Debate board- You could post that you are looking for support with medicaid in the personal messages folder, too.

I think a social services support board would be a great idea, myself :o) You could suggest that a board be put up for that purpose and you could offer to lead the board if you'd like, here is the link to suggest a board/apply for cl-,,89642,00.html



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