Need advice Blockbuster return problem

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Need advice Blockbuster return problem
Sat, 04-26-2003 - 9:00am
With the kids on school vacation this week I rented 5 videos/games from BB. Thursday morning I returned all 5 in the drop box before the store opened. Before driving there I made sure all the games and videos were in the correct cases (cause once in the past I mistakenly returned my son's personal PSII game instead of the rental). Anyhow Friday afternoon BB calls and says the case for PSII Navy Seals was empty. I know I put it in there. Anyhow, I checked my car to see if it had fallen out, then ran around my house like a madwoman. But I know I returned it!! I called them back and told them I was sure it was returned, and then asked why they were calling me now, more than 24 hours after the return. They said that it was being rented again, and when the case was opened the game was missing. This is not the BB I frequent, it's in the next town over, and they lock all their cases with the games inside instead of keeping the games at the desk. They said I had better keep looking and let them know. I am fuming!! What suggestions does anyone have for me at this point. I'm sure they are going to send me an outrageous bill. Thanks

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Sat, 04-26-2003 - 11:58pm
Hi massmiss,

I see you found the Consumer Retorts board (which was my first thought for you to try LOL), but you can also try this board as well-




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Sun, 04-27-2003 - 10:04am
I know this isnt the place for this discussion, but I wanted to quickly offer my advice...

That has happened to me, and I went to the BB, and had them check every copy of the movie they had. The movies and games themselves have an individual sticker on it...and I had them scan each copy they had until one popped up with my information. Theyre not sure how it happened, or how it got on the shelf without being scanned in, but at least it was taken care of. If I were you, Id head down there and insist having them check the games they have on the shelf.