Group B Strep in Pregnancy

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Group B Strep in Pregnancy
Wed, 04-30-2003 - 4:30pm
I am 7 weeks pregnant and tested positive for Group B Strep in a urine test. My doctor says that there isn't anything to worry about but based on everything that I have read from the CDC and a couple other websites, Im not so sure I shouldn't be worried. No only could I lose the pregnancy but the baby could be infected before birth as well as during birth. If my water breaks and I dont get the the hospital in time, my baby will be infected. I would like to hear from other women who were diagnosed with GBS in their urine and had a live birth. What was the outcome of that pregnancy.
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Wed, 04-30-2003 - 6:44pm
I know this isnt the place for this discussion, but just a quick reply...

I tested positive for Group B Strep as well and had a natural birth. My Dr. informed me of the risks, but let me know that it was nothing harmful to me, and that all precautions would be taken to make sure my baby would be fine. There really is nothing you can do about it up until the moment of birth, except worry, and thats not good for your health ;)

I was hooked up to an IV that temporarily killed the Group B Strep for the delivery, and he said that it would return afterwards, so if I become pregnant again, I would have to mention I know I have it. My pregnancy and delivery went just fine, and my 6 year old is doing well...a little kooky maybe, but I think thats in the genes ;)

Maybe someone here knows a board you can go to where you can converse with others about this?


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Thu, 05-01-2003 - 12:32pm
Hello :)

Here is an area that should be of help to you:

Group B Strep information at iVillage,,419673,00.html

Here is a direct link to the Group B Strep board in our ParentsPlace channel:

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The best to ya!



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