Childs fear of bugs

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Childs fear of bugs
Mon, 05-19-2003 - 4:36pm
I have a 3 year old daughter who is very afraid of bugs. It may make for a very long summer because she can not relax. Even on a slide, a grain of sand can send her into a frenzy. So I was wondering if anyone has any advice on how I can ease her fears so that we all can enjoy the outdoors.
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Tue, 05-20-2003 - 6:22pm
Boy does this bring back memories, I have seven children and three of them went through the stage of being afraid of bugs. I was amazesd to hear my son telling my granddaughter that bugs are just baby birds. To make a long story short, she is now being very careful where she walks and sits she is ascared of hurting a baby bird now. I know, I know, but sometimes big people ned to tell little lies, it's called survival, good luck Carole/Toronto let me know how it goes?
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Thu, 05-22-2003 - 2:02am
Hi Joan, it may be worth a shot to post on these boards-

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