Hello, I need help w/ my newsletters!!!!

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Hello, I need help w/ my newsletters!!!!
Fri, 06-06-2003 - 1:15am
To whom it may concern at the i-village.com newsletter services at i-village.com, Hello, I'm Karen, age 21 (& my i-village.com username is Karebear382.) & I've been an i-village.com member for a couple of years now. I like the i-village.com website alot, it's a good place for women to look up all kinds of things that are helpfull, interesting, & fun to them. & I'm also a subscriber to the i-village.com newsletters & I enjoy them. But lately I haven't been receiving any of the newsletters in my webtv mailbox. I've wrote to i-village but I haven't received any response. & I've been checking my newsletter status often & it says that I still subscribe to the newsletters. My e-mail system works fine because I still receive my other e-mail. Can you please help me out? I really want my i-village.com back, I've received helpfull information from them! Please respond to me soon by replying here or e-mailing me at Karebear382@webtv.net anytime in the evening. Thank you very much for your assistance. Sincerely, Karen (Karebear382.)
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Fri, 06-06-2003 - 11:24am

I am sorry you are having trouble receiving your newsletters. Let me check into it and I will post here again when I found out something.



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