angry, and upset

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angry, and upset
Mon, 06-16-2003 - 9:24pm
I just need someone to talk to.. I have dated my boyfriend/ soon to marry. for five years on and off. all of my friends tell me that he is a jerk, treats me bad, and all of the usual stuff friends tend to say to friends. it has definatly been and on and off thing, he has only dated one other person during the five years of us being on and off. i have dated several people, i didn't want to sit at home and mope about it. he finally proposed in November of 2002. he is generally a good guy. lately we have been fighting a lot. he tells me that i am all i do is think about myself, just because i want to spend time with him. we have been having problems like fighting all of the time. i feel like i have no friends, and no life but work. when we did spend a lot of time together things were good, and we hardly fought at all. he is having a lot of problems with his parents. they recently got a divorce. obviously we are older, out of high school and everything, in college. i know that can be hard, but he is going to be out on his own and have his own family soon. sometimes it is so irritating, lately all he has wanted to do is spend time with his friends, or spend time with me and his friends. once in a while i would like to spend time the two of us togehter. and he says that i am selfish. i know that i can be sometimes, but just because i want to spend time with him. he has been snapping out on me lately, just because i want to spend time with him, and he cuts me off when i want to talk. he is also never on time for anything, he leaves me waiting but if it is the other way around it is different. he always has an excuse for everything. he has also been spending a lot of time with a mutal friend, who is also engaged. it doesn't bother me they spend time togther, because her mom has cancer. but it is the fact that he treats her better than me, and spends more time with her than me. it is hard. i am irritated, and confused. we always end up getting back togheter, but things aren't better, i want someone who is going to treat me nice,


i just need someone to talk to

i feel like i have no one.

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Tue, 06-17-2003 - 10:35am

Below are several boards where you can post your situation and get great feedback, or just find someone to talk to:

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I hope this helps :)



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