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Is there anyone who is pregnant, has pets and no longer wants the pets in the house? I have two big dogs and a cat and am finding it increasingly more difficult to tolerate them in my house. First of all is the issue of smell when it comes to the dogs, and second is the cat wanting to be in any room in the house. I normally like animals but am beginning to change my mind about actually living with them. I am to the point where I would give them away if it were not considered cruel. Is this normal? And, does anyone else feel this way? My own husband actually said that I have become mean to them. Don't misinterpret this - I don't hurt the animals (and would not even entertain the idea), I just don't want them in my house, on my bed, in the baby's room-to-be, etc. Help!
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I can sorta relate with you, in a way. We had an issue with our cat climbing into the baby's bed before he was born. Black cat, sheds a lot, you know.... But overall, before the baby, there was the cat. There was an emotional bond between us. Same with our dog. We treated both animals like kids in introducing them to both of our children when they were born. All 4 have a great relationship now. The aggrivation I felt while pregnant was a temporary one, I say, exasperated by hormones, really (I was very hormonal LOL)

I don't know when you are due, but if you would like to find a group of mothers-to-be due the same month as you, check out this list~,,262916_438836,00.html

Hope you continue to have a H&H pregnancy!


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Hi there and congrats on your baby :)

Here is a board where you can get some great feedback on this topic:

Pets and Babies

Board description:

Many soon-to-be parents wonder whether they should find a new home for their pet before their baby is born. It's true that some types of pets don't mix well with young children, but many do.

Learn how you can prepare your pet for a new baby and set the climate for a safe introduction.

The best to you!



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