The New Chat Set Up

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The New Chat Set Up
Mon, 06-30-2003 - 7:55pm
I really miss the old chat set up. I have been chatting at iVillage for a long time and I now feel kind of lost here. I still love the boards and have become more active, at least in lurking, but really miss casual chat. Can you tell me why they changed the format and the rooms? When I feel like "talking" to another adult I want to be able to go to one place and find people to chat with. I have started looking for another chat room in which I feel safe but so far I haven't found it. Please bring back at least one or two open rooms and ADVERTISE them, it is frustrating to have to go searching for an open casual chat.


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Mon, 06-30-2003 - 9:10pm
I totally agree with you. There are casual chats on the relationship page but they are at set times. There is also a lobby chat that is open all the time but no one seems to know it's there , so it is usually empty. Not the way the old lobby was, always lots of chatting going on. To get to the lobby, go to message boards to the JOIN THE CONVERSATION board. Then right before the postings there is a link to click on the lobby chat room. I visit a few times a day but no one is there. If you do find another safe chatting area that is available all the time , please post. I have also been looking and haven't found one yet. Good luck!
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Tue, 07-01-2003 - 12:17am
Here is the link for the new Lobby~

I agree that it should be more advertised, though.


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