? about weight loss board

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? about weight loss board
Wed, 08-13-2003 - 10:13am
Hi, some time ago I remember finding a message board where ppl asked question and gave advice about diet products they have used &/or are using. Could someone please give me the link for that board? I'm interested in trying a certain diet product but want to find out if anyone else has had any luck with it?

Thank you :)
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Wed, 08-13-2003 - 12:48pm

Is this the board you are looking for?

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If not, let me know and I will keep looking :)



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Wed, 08-13-2003 - 5:03pm
Thank you CMKerri,

No that's not the board I was looking for. The board I was looking for ppl talk about weight loss pill/drink that they had take or are taking. It was over a year ago that I found the board I'm looking for, so it may not even be available anymore. Thanks again :)

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Wed, 08-13-2003 - 10:56pm
what type of weight loss pill are you looking for? My aunt tried the Metabolife 356. She weighed 173 and was 5ft she lost down to 118ILBs from march -october!!She looks good and has kept off the weight she says that when she first started it made her feel nervous and that your heart rate seems like it goes up but that you get use to it after a week or so she also said that she took two in the morning, two at lunch and two at 3:00 if you take it past then she said that you would be to hyped up to go to sleep!! I know that there was a lot of contraversal about this but it worked for her and there is an ephe. free one out now!! Good Luck.
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Thu, 08-14-2003 - 12:26am
Hi nunu, here is the link to all of the D&F boards, maybe you will recognize the title of the board you're looking for if it's still there~


If it's not. introduce yourself to the main board in that channel and ask if there is a board that has a folder that does the same thing you are looking for :o)


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Thu, 08-14-2003 - 10:59am
Hi, Thank you for the reply. The product I'm interested in is the Stacker 2. That is awesome about your aunt!! I will look into Metabolife 356 too. My big promlem right now is I'm SO hungry all the time. I resently had a hystorectomy and since then I'm gained back almost 15 lbs. I was 220 lbs at one time and lost weight with a product called NaturalTrim, but that stopped working so then I did Atkin's and lost even more weight. Atkin's is really hard for me to stay on because I LOVE carbs. I did awesome for 2 months then fell off the wagon and can't seem to get back on. I went down to 166 lbs and now I'm back up to 180 lbs. I HATE IT!! I worked so hard to loss the weight and now I gain some back. I workout a lot, but it doesn't help when I'm eating more then I should be. The stacker 2 I heard where really good, but they make your heart race. But I figure if they really do work I could us them for a short time.

Thanks again :)