where's the regular chat rooms?

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where's the regular chat rooms?
Thu, 08-28-2003 - 3:23am
i haven't been to ivillage in a while but when i came back-the regular chat rooms are gone. i used to be able to go to relationships and casual village and find old friends there at any given time. now i have to chat on a schedule? i don't think so. i don't know about everyone else, but i come to chat when i get a chance not because it's time to. i want the old format back.
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Thu, 08-28-2003 - 7:51am
Hi huganstyle,

We do still have a casual chatroom - the iVillage Lobby - that is open for chat anytime! http://messageboards.ivillage.com/iv-ivlobby/chat

Also, each of the channels have added several "board based" chats to some of their boards, that are open all the time for members who wish to continue their board conversations in chat, so if these interest you, check out the board descriptions to see if they are offering one! One example of this type of chat is on the Guy Talk board http://messageboards.ivillage.com/iv-rlguytchat/chat , drop by and see what you think!

See you on the boards!

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Fri, 08-29-2003 - 8:01pm
I agree totally with you-the old format worked better-no schedule needed. Evertime I visit the lobby chat there is either no one there or just 1 or 2 people-not 15 or more like before. My life is too hectic to schedule chats.
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Sat, 09-06-2003 - 5:18pm
I miss the old format also... Although I am adjusting to this one, i don't like it as well. The older one seems more "user friendly" and it is just plain EASIER to navigate!! I am also disappointed that some of the old features are gone. I miss the sexual abuse chat for survivors held on Sunday and Tuesday evenings (NOT the one associated with the current message board--although that one is okay too) and I miss the ivillage email which I used to use on occasion to connect with my cyber friends! I wish ivillage had an email directory for those who wish to list their emails on the site. Oh well, change is inevitable, I guess. Take care.