So Frustrated right now!

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So Frustrated right now!
Thu, 09-25-2008 - 11:46am

I have tried to contact ivilliage so many times on this to no avail...can anyone help me?

When I was a cl, I had a blog here with ivilliage.  When I was no longer a cl, the blog remained.  I requested that they take off the cl, so I could edit the account.  They did, however, it still will not recognize me.  It keeps saying passwords don't match...I changed it, requested help from ivillage to no avail.

I want to remove the blog altogether but no one will help.

Thank you!




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Thu, 09-25-2008 - 11:59am

Hi Maz,

I'm sorry this has been so frustrating for you. It takes a little time to delete a Connect blog but I will pass this on and hopefully, it will be taken care of soon.

Wendy W
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Thu, 09-25-2008 - 12:04pm

Hi! :)

I'm sorry you are having an issue with Connect.

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Thu, 09-25-2008 - 2:52pm

Thanks for the quick reply!