what to do when 6 year forgets backpack?

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what to do when 6 year forgets backpack?
Mon, 10-12-2009 - 11:44am
My son is 6 years old and in first grade. We are both working parents and drop him off at a daycare who drops him off at school. I got a call from the school that he left his backpack in the daycare providers car when he was dropped off.. He was very upset about it. At that moment I saw he did not have any homework in the backpack, and he has a lunch account so he could just buy lunch. So this may be a way for him to learn an important lesson to keep track of his things. So i told him to buy lunch and just don't forget your backpack again. was this the right thing to do? or should I have asked the daycare to drop the backpack off?
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Mon, 10-12-2009 - 11:53am


Having a six-year-old boy myself, I can certainly sympathize with the struggles a first grader goes through.