why am I having difficulty in...

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why am I having difficulty in...
Fri, 01-29-2010 - 5:05pm


Am 26 weeks gone in my first pregnancy and laying on either my right side or righht has been difficult especially as my unborn grows. My doctor adviced that I should only lay on my sides! Sincerely I get tired and feel some pain after sometime of side laying.

Is there any other style I can adopt to make my sleep comfortable thereby not harming my precious unborn? This is a challange for me as I had to sit up most times and its not ok for me. Are there better options for me? Cant wait to hear them... waiting. Jenny. 

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Mon, 02-01-2010 - 9:47am

Hi Jenny!

I was rather fortunate while I was pregnant and I don't hurt laying on my side. Have you asked your doctor for advice? I've seen a few of the members like to have pillows under them and around them while they sleep. I think 26 weeks along makes you due in May? You might try asking on the May 2010 Expecting Club. You can find other Expecting clubs if I've guessed the wrong month on the right side of the board listings on our Message Board Central listing.

Congratulations on your pregnancy. I hope you find a solution and everything goes well with the rest of your term!