baby on solids - enough formula?

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baby on solids - enough formula?
Fri, 04-16-2010 - 4:45pm

This is my first time on any type of msg pls bear with my looong detailed question/info........i have a concern about my 6 and a half month old daughter (she will be 7 months next week actually) and i'm not sure she is getting enough of the right nutrition. 

This is my first child. I started her on solids at 5 months old, we went through all the different cereals and now i only feed her the "mixed grains" to avoid buying a lot of different boxes of each type. She has also already been introduced to some veggies and some fruits....we are still working on them (i usually introduce a new one every 3-4 days)

before i started solids she was on formula and drinking about 30oz a day  (4-5 feedings) on average of formula.  She is now having 4 feedings in total per day and they usually go like this:

in the morning about 7oz formula and 3 tablespoons of mixed grains

after about 3-4 hours i feed her again - about 5oz of formula and 2-3 tablespoons of a veggie

after another 3-4 hours i feed her about 7oz of formula and 2-3 tablespoons of mixed grains and 1-2 tablespoons of a fruit

after another 3-4 hours i feed her only formula - however she sometimes only has an ounce or two

on average she only drinks 18-20oz a day of formula - and she always seems to fuss with her formula unless i wait around 4 hours to feed her and even then sometimes she wont drink the formula so i'll offer the solids and she just gobbles them up so she is obviously hungry

ive asked her doctor and was told not to worry and to offer the formula first and then feed her the solids and to give her however much she wants of each and that she wont let herself go hungry so just go with concern is that everything ive read in books, online, even the nurses on telehealth keep telling me that most of her nutrition is still from the formula and shes not getting enough!!!

Im at a loss.....dont know how to make her drink more formula since she obviously likes the tastes of the solids better......and if i increase her solids eventually as im told to do or offer her water/juice (which i havent yet) or introduce Snacks in between meals -  i fear she'll cut back on her formula even more....

for example just today - 4 hours after her last feeding i warmed up a 7oz bottle and she drank only 1.5oz of it and even fussed with that and so i gave up on that and fed her her veggies - shes on sweet potatoes at the moment and she ate it so fast - i tried the formula again and again throughout her feeding even for her to take a few sips and she just absolutly refused it so i offered her more of the veggie and she ended up eating the whole jar (almost 4.5oz)

does anyone have any advice for me???

also can any experienced moms tell me - im feeding jarred baby food....are they suppose to eat a full (small) jar at their feeding? and when do you know to increase it to that or more?

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