i can´t upload photo to makeover

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i can´t upload photo to makeover
Sun, 05-09-2010 - 5:11pm
Hi, I would like to try Makeover, but when I want to upload photo from my laptop there´s a table asking me to log in. But I am logged in. I really don´t understand what to do..
Could you help me please?
Thank you very much..
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Mon, 05-10-2010 - 10:05am

Hi and welcome! I am sorry that you're experiencing problems with the Makeover-O-Matic. That particular tool does require you to sign in again if you're uploading your own photo and the sign in page appears in a pop-up window, so if you're using a pop-up blocker, it can keep that from happening. However, when I went to test it out, there does seem to be a problem with the log-in process, so I've reported the problem and, hopefully, it will be corrected soon. ;-)

In the meantime, you might want to try out the newer Makeover tool we offer; this one offers more information on the specific products you try on. You can give it a try here: