How to pay off CC?

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How to pay off CC?
Wed, 07-18-2007 - 5:57pm

We have about 20,000 in CC debt that we NEED to just pay off. We are NOT home owners. However, my dad owns a multi-million dollar company and has GREAT credit and he said he would co-sign on a personal loan for us. Are there such things as debt consolodation loans? If so, where to go??


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Wed, 07-18-2007 - 6:20pm
Hello Sarah.
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Mon, 07-23-2007 - 2:53pm

Hi and welcome, Sarah! How wonderful for you that you'll be able to get a loan to pay off your CC debt. I'm sure with your father's great credit, the interest will much lower than what you're paying now. Good luck! And keep us updated.


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