How much faster will CC sue (re: assets)

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How much faster will CC sue (re: assets)
Wed, 03-11-2009 - 3:10pm

Still lurking around and getting more and more anxious that my credit cards are going to go ahead and sue me before I reach my 8-month filing date (that is, 8 months after my last CC payment). Our home does have equity in it, so will this make the creditor come after me faster? Anyone with direct experience here (you had assets to take but creditors didn't ever sue or sued after 12 or more months???)

I am getting so worked up about this that I'm considering taking my tax refund and working out payment plans with all of them, even though I know that I'll be filing in September. My atty *may* tell me that I could go for the chapter 7 but I don't think I want to do it for fear that the judge will be able to push me into a chapter 13.


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Wed, 03-11-2009 - 8:08pm
I know you are in a holding pattern and that's the culprit.
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Wed, 03-11-2009 - 11:55pm


Listen to what Carolyn has to say she know her stuff. DO not throw good money after bad. I was where you are and I got through it all. I probably did not have the same situation that you are facing but, it was daunting nonetheless.