credit card question

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credit card question
Mon, 03-30-2009 - 3:36pm

I am wondering if I'm doing the right thing here.

I had a credit card with Bank of America that was charged off. I called them and tried to make a payment directly to them (would have borrowed money from my parents to do so) and they said they couldn't take the money since they had sold the account. I then was contacted by an attorney claiming to represent someone who owned my account, and I set up a payment plan with him. I made payments as he requested every single month, and noticed that his client (CACH LLC) was reporting me delinquent every single month to the credit bureaus. I asked him why that was happening, and he said he didn't know, but he couldn't do anything about it. I then asked him to see paperwork, anything, confirming that he represented these people and that I actually owed them money, and informed him (in writing) that I would not make any further payments until I received this paperwork. Keep in mind, I had made months and months of payments, and had cut the debt in about half already. (actually had paid all the original debt, but I owed all the extra stuff they add on to that stuff)

Well, I never heard from the guy again. Once, I got an email (my preferred mode of communication) from someone in his office asking about my payment, I repeated my request for paperwork, was promised it, and never received it. This was about 3 months ago.

What should I do? I check my credit report regularly and those two things look just awful (in fact, had problems when I was renting an apartment. luckily the landlord was understanding). I don't want to make payments to some attorney who can't even provide me with paperwork. I feel stupid enough for making as many payments as I did in the first place! (He wouldn't settle). I know they can't sue me because I live in a different state now, and the guy told me that himself. In fact, he couldn't give me a good reason why I should pay the bill since he coudln't sue me and according to him, he coudln't promise his client would quit reporting me delinquent! But I'm embarassed to have that on my credit report. and these people report me every single month (whether I have or have not made a payment- I quit paying in June 2008).

Is there anything at all I can do?

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Tue, 03-31-2009 - 11:46am
I would probably consult with an attorney.