Collection Agency question

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Collection Agency question
Thu, 01-14-2010 - 5:51pm


I am currently paying a collection agency (Valentine and Kebartas) for a Dell computer I financed and failed to pay off, in an attempt to begin to fix my credit. I gave them my checking account information and they are currently withdrawing 150 a month until the debt is settled ($2300). This has been going on for about 10 months. My questions are:

1. Should I close and open a new bank account since they have this access?
2. I never requested a "pay for delete" and did all the setup over the phone with them. Should I request this before I continue paying?
3. I am afraid I am wasting my money by paying something that is already written as a charge off since I heard most collection agencies don't even write as "PAID" on your credit report. Should I continue to pay these people or is this a scam? If I do not what are the ramifications?

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Thu, 01-14-2010 - 7:37pm

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