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Fri, 03-28-2003 - 2:35pm
Has a cashier, ever given you to much change?

no, not yet anyway- though DS and I have found pennies by a cahregister and returned those the the cashier (DS didn't really want to *G*)

What is for dinner tonight?

No idea yet, its only 11:30 *G*

Do you have a change jar?

Yes, all of the change DH and I get goes in this huge mason jar. The only time I take anything out of this jar is to give DS his allowance ($1-spend, $.20-church, $.40-bank, $.40 saving for something don't know what yet)

Do you save dollars (outside our challenges)

Any singles also go in the mason jar

ANY financial questions?



I hope you reach your savings goal!!

Have a great weekend!

~ Sara ~